Welcome. I thought I would give a little bit of an introduction to who we are, where we have come from and, most importantly, where we are going.

Back in 2011, SuccessFlow Limited was born. Founded by brothers, Mark and Simon Donkin, it began its life as a small marketing automation agency, in the explosion of new platforms fighting for position.

Over the years, SuccessFlow has grown in size, client-base and technology partners. Now partnering with the likes of Marketo, Pardot and Salesforce. As well as technology the focus widened to include digital strategy, marketing delivery and content creation.

The creative portion of SuccessFlow Ltd. began its evolution back in 2014. It was clear that customers who wanted to use marketing automation realised that they didn’t have the resources to fuel the new technology with the content needed to make it successful.

The past four years have seen the creative offering grow. Now providing a full range of services, from copywriting to video production. While creative content and marketing automation go hand in hand, regarding digital marketing, they are two very different ways of running a business. This has all led up to some exciting changes within SuccessFlow Ltd.

As of May, SuccessFlow Ltd became two operations; SuccessFlow Digital and SuccessFlow Create.

This has not been a complicated, protracted divorce, where we argue over who gets to keep the printer or Project Manager. I’d like to refer you to a (some may say unnecessarily) significant news story a few years back; involving Chris Martin and Gwenith Paltrow; where they announced they were ‘consciously uncoupling’.

The particular quote I am referring to in that story is not “while we love each other very much we will remain separate” (despite its relevance). I am actually referring to “in many ways, we are closer than we have ever been”.

What does this mean for SuccessFlow Create?

There are many benefits to this decision, from a business perspective, operational and brand. But primarily, it means we can offer a much more comprehensive service to a far broader audience.

Our focus is pure and simple; we craft great content for the customer journey. Whether you have an automation platform like Eloqua or MailChimp and need content to fill the workflows, present sales pitches or produce thought leadership content, we can help.

Our proposition is also simple; (excuse the accidental alliteration (that one was intentional)) planning, production and performance. In essence, we will work with you to plan your content, produce your content and measure how it performs.

Our values are (guess what?) simple too. We care about what we do. We get excited about creative projects. We love to collaborate with others to achieve something great together.

Although internally a small team (for now), we can offer a big-agency experience with our network of trusted freelancers and agencies to scale and deliver on larger projects, as well as tapping into specific skill sets when needed.

There are many customers that both SuccessFlow Create and Digital currently work on together, and this will remain the same. As I mentioned earlier, technology, strategy and creative complement each other and are all needed to make a success of marketing automation, sales enablement and marketing and sales alignment. Therefore, we will still be calling on each other’s skills and services to deliver a well-rounded service.

I hope you will join us on this exciting new chapter of an already successful storyline.

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