A New World of Content

Welcome to the world of context. Creating content for today’s audiences requires businesses to work smarter. Everything has to be produced for a purpose. Your content needs to nudge your audience a little further down the funnel or reshape existing customers into brand ambassadors.

Terrific content has tremendous value, you already know that. But it’s no longer all about quantity, creating endless articles for the sake of the keyword land grab. It’s no longer just about the blogger with the high domain authority and getting them to link back to your website.

Gone are the days when filling content gaps with blog posts and video was good enough, when you could let loose your big splash, big spend campaigns to single-handedly bring people to your website to buy your products.


Walking the Path

Now we’re talking about building a content pathway, a framework for your messages. That’s because a great piece of content could be worthless or even damaging if it’s delivered at the wrong time, in the wrong context or with the wrong call to action.

So, whether it’s shortform or longform, video, webinar, infographic, podcast, article or email, you need to ask why it exists, who should care about it and what its intended purpose is. It’s a balancing act of paid, earned and owned media.


Peeling Back the Content Layers

A few years ago, Google came up with a content model to help professional YouTubers tap into their audiences. They called it 3H, and it works by creating layers of content that have different purposes.

The great thing about 3H is it can be applied to all types of content marketing, not just video, and it’s as relevant today as it was when Google introduced it. 3H? It stands for:

  • Help
  • Hub
  • Hero

Help content is all about your product. It helps people get the most out of it by showing them how they can use it to solve their problems. It’s short, to the point and practical, designed to appeal to people who are searching for answers.

Hub content is concerned with starting conversations and compelling people to act. It’s scheduled regularly and acts as a huddle space for your potential customers to explore and discover fresh perspectives on their interests.

Hero content is your high ticket creative activity that goes out to the big, broad audiences. It’s the flagship campaign that makes people sit up and listen when perhaps they weren’t considering your brand at all.

Content planning should always move from Help to Hub to Hero, even though audiences are more likely to engage with it in the reverse order. There’s no point in carrying out headline-grabbing big spend activity if there isn’t a natural content pathway in place to direct audiences through to the sale and beyond.

And 3H is only part of the story.


Feeding the Funnel

Putting it all together means broadcasting your core values to the right people, at the right time and in the right context. Remember what we said about a great piece of content being worthless or even damaging if it’s out of place?

When you work with us we’ll help you deliver content at the right time, in the most appropriate formats, precisely matched to your customers’ personas. We’ll focus on context and on message, evaluating paid channels and blending them with earned media to grab people’s attention from the outset and get them into the sales funnel.

From there, it’s about developing an emotional bond with your audiences, using owned media to influence their decision making. As they progress down the funnel we’ll help you feed, guide and convince using a combination of paid, owned and earned media to seal the deal.

But it doesn’t end there. Our strategies stretch beyond the sale, turning customers into advocates and compelling them to share your story and commit to your brand. It’s what you should expect from a switched-on agency.


The Story Begins

That’s just a brief glimpse into the workings of our world, and there’s much more to our story. So, if you’re considering the importance of context as well as content, we’d love to hear from you. What’s your story and how can we help?

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