Showpad and SuccessFlow Create, they go together like… trendy coffee and moustaches… cheese and wine… ‘insert your own idiom’.

We are really excited to announce a new partnership with Showpad, the sales enablement platform for the modern seller!

SuccessFlow Create is all about creating a better experience for your audience – from unknown website visitors to full-on brand advocates. We do this through understanding the needs of your audience and creating the content they want and need.

Content is not just for marketing.

Sales is often the forgotten channel, especially when it comes to content. Everyone talks about the misalignment between marketing and sales, and a lot of it comes down to content. Marketing is seen as this exciting and often arty, and indeed, farty team of creatives, who produce all this great content – but they keep it to themselves and don’t tell sales.

That’s not our approach to content planning. From the beginning, we get both sales and marketing in the room to discuss and agree on what is needed. And what is needed, is focused purely on the customer.

Technology is a fantastic enabler and has changed (and is still changing) the shape of marketing and sales. We generally see the main focus of investment is around the top of the funnel with marketing automation. These platforms provide marketing teams with a plethora of information on what a visitor does and doesn’t do when it comes to interactions.

But sales have CRM platforms I hear you say. A CRM platform, when set up correctly and fully optimised, provides analytics and insights around customer interactions throughout the customer life cycle; but it doesn’t deliver the experience for the customer. This is where sales enablement comes in.

Showpad has the solution.

Recently cited, by Forrester, as a leader in sales enablement, Showpad has the answer for continuing the customer experience where marketing left off.

An all-in-one sales enablement platform, Showpad bridges the gap between marketing and sales, making it easy for sellers to share the latest, on-brand content.

We are proud to be a Showpad Solutions partner, and really feel that what we do fits. To make the most of your Showpad investment takes proper planning. We do that. You, of course, need good, high quality, content. We do that too! Showpad integrates with many platforms, such as Marketo and Salesforce. We don’t do that… but our sister company does!

If you have, or are currently considering Showpad and want to know more about getting up and running, give us a call and we’d be happy to share our knowledge.

Not convinced you need a sales enablement platform?

Check out this recent webinar I hosted for our sister company SuccessFlow Digital, along with Christina from Showpad, where we discuss the need for content across the funnel. And, how the buying experience is changing.

Or just give us a call on 0113 450 4020 and ask for Karl.

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