It’s not just about

clicks and downloads

Better performance means higher engagement.

Into the funnel

How much is coming into the top of your funnel?

Through the funnel

Are you tracking the progress through the funnel?

Beyond the funnel

Don't stop at conversion to sale, keep measuring beyond the funnel

If you can't measure performance across the funnel, you can't optimise your content

With all this new content going out, generating more social activity, bigger database lists, higher volumes of traffic, more leads—it’s even more important to make sure you measure how it performs.

Real-time analytics provide real-time information. Simple. With a benchmark set, you can instantly see what works and what doesn’t, and change accordingly.


From likes and shares to click-throughs
and visitors, the top of the funnel
shows your reach and lead source


Download numbers are useful, but are you
tracking engagement across content
such as video?


When people are shortlisting their
potential purchases, it’s important to
know what they are looking at

New customer

It’s not all about the sale.
Do you measure your
on-boarding success?


Do you know how much
your customers talk
about you?

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