We don’t sit around

talking about it

Marketing by the seat of your pants may sound fun, but it never works. Plan your actions – then execute them

Know your audience

It’s vital you know your audience. What floats their boat? This enables the building of customer personas, for content matching across their entire journey

Know your content

Most people have an ‘everything’ drawer that’s crammed full of junk that they never use. Is that how you treat your content?

Define your calendar

It’s not enough to litter your calendar with content types and expect them to magically appear on schedule

It’s all about the right content being in the right place at the right time.

Pop quiz: what’s the difference between modern marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, inbound marketing and cross-channel marketing? Answer: not much. The aim is always the same – to promote products and services. Of course, how you do that is where the fun begins.

To be successful at modern marketing, you need to create quality content and choose the right distribution channels. But it’s not as simple as that. Just like comedy, the secret to great marketing is timing. Content should be delivered at precisely the right moment; too early and they’re scared away; too late and they’ve gone to a competitor.

Know your audience
  • Identify your sectors
  • Segment by vertical
  • Prioritise your personas
Document your personas
  • Define your primary and secondary personas
  • Create a usable document
  • Review and update regularly
Know your content
  • Audit existing content
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Plan new content
Create a content calendar
  • Identify themes and messages
  • Plan for always on
  • Resource the skills
  • Schedule and launch

Are you on first name terms with your audience?

You wouldn’t deliver the same content to both Wonder Woman and Spongebob (we hope), which is why it’s important to have separate documented personas to assist in planning and creating content. The persona assists in pinning down the right content, type and channels.

What content do you have?

Do you know what content you have? Where it’s published? Who owns it? No? Sounds like you need a content audit.

What content do you need?

With your audit in hand, it’s easy to see where the gaps are. Now you just need to work out how to fill them.


How could we survive without calendars to keep track of appointments, meetings, holidays, pet vaccinations, date night, and more? Your content calendar should become your new best friend. Use it for:

  • Planning phases
  • Production timelines
  • Promotional messages
  • Nurture messages
  • Always-on content

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